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Jordan Kline

What Year and City did you get your start in Radio?
- 1992 - Westminster College - New Wilmington, PA, at the college radio station. I was 15 and we had to audition to run the radio station while the college kids were gone for the summer. I fell in love with radio right then and there and knew that is what I was meant to do!

What are three hobbies you have?
1. Photography
2. Doesn't feel like a "hobby" but my house is from 1935, and I've been redoing it a little at a time. Boy does it get expensive!
3. Voicing audiobooks

What town do you live in?
- Ingram, it's such an underrated part of town but everyone is so nice! 10 min away from downtown, it's perfect!

How would your family and friends describe your personality?
- Everyone always tells me I should do stand-up, I act much younger than I am (is that good or bad?). I love dressing up for Halloween, going sled riding or doing anything for a good laugh! I'm also a bit emotional, I will cry at the drop of a hat!

What is your favorite Pittsburgh food?
- I'm torn between pierogies and steak salads, I'm always on the lookout for the best steak salad in Pittsburgh.

One more thing about me?
- I was so shy in elementary school and was often teased by kids, they thought I never talked because I was stuck up!

My Second-Grade teacher told me I had a beautiful speaking voice and I always remembered that, it gave me the confidence to talk to others and eventually in front of crowds and do radio! By high school you couldn't shut me up! Thanks Mrs. Litzenberg!

After being on the air for 15 years in Columbus, Ohio, Jordan is happy to be back home in Pittsburgh! She got her start at age 15, at the radio station on the campus of Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. Her 25-year career in media has included not only radio, but stints in TV news as well.

Jordan is an avid dog-lover and genuinely enjoys people and has never met a stranger. She loves getting out and meeting listeners and never misses an opportunity to hold a baby. If you are out and about and meet Jordan, be prepared to talk and laugh!

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What Year and City did you get your start in Radio?
- 1996 in Ft. Myers, Fl.

What are three hobbies you have?
1. Reading (mostly the juicy love novels)
2. Cooking
3. Playing bunco on girls nights!

How would your family and friends describe your personality?
- Loving, silly and joyful

What is your favorite Pittsburgh food?
- I'm a cheap date; a cheeseburger and shake. Burgatory and Stack'd. 'm always trying new places too!

One more thing about me?
- In addition to loving radio and music, I’m a mom to two beautiful daughters (Emmi and Ellie), two fur babies (a special needs cocker spaniel, Daisy and a rambunctious Golden Bernedoodle, Dudley) and wife to my husband of 17 years, Dan!

Melanie is new to the Pittsburgh area but has quickly fallen in love with the people and the city. Melanie enjoys being in the community whether it’s hosting events or volunteering her time to help others.  Some of the charities she has worked with in past include Susan G Komen for the Cure, American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society and others.  She keeps a very open dialogue with the WISH 99.7 listeners, no topic is off-limits including her family, new movies she has watched, to silly surveys that she’s taken!  Melanie’s greatest joy is connections, and she looks forward to creating many more here in Pittsburgh!

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Steve Granato

What Year and City did you get your start in Radio?
- 1977, north of Pittsburgh in New Castle at age 15.

What are three hobbies you have?
1. Biking
2. Wine and food
3. Chinese martial arts

What town do you live in?
- Cranberry Twp.

How would your family and friends describe your personality?
- Friendly, positive, funny

Which is your favorite Pittsburgh food?
- Primanti Bros sandwiches

One more thing about me?
- In addition to loving radio and music, I’m a second-degree black belt in the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu

Steve is a life-long Pittsburgher that loves everything about our town. His favorite things are The Strip District, Pittsburgh Broadway Series, and the Pens! Steve has been in radio since the age of 15. He loves music, wine, and spends his free time with his wife Mary Kay and spoiled-rotten golden retriever Sadie. Some of his favorite artists include Maroon 5, Journey, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Billy Joel.

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I was a small-town girl. It was the field trip to the radio station that thrilled my little eleven-year-old heart. There it was, five thousand watts of crystal-clear power… it was a daytime-only radio station, the voice of our town.

One look into that studio and I was hooked. I got a tape recorder and practiced doing newscasts, writing exciting stories of neighborhood gossip. I practiced my commercials, imitating TV ads for Miss Clairol. In the seventh grade, I entered a speech contest and won three of the four categories. The judges were the owners of that radio station. Within a week of winning the speech contest I had my first on-air job: school news and sports, taped weekly.

By the time I was in high school I had worked into a full-time part-time position at the radio station. I wrote afternoon newscasts, wrote, and produced commercials. I took the empty soda pop bottles back for the refund. Six days a week I was at the station. Six days a week I was happy! It’s been over 25 years, and fourteen stations since Mrs. Davis’s Girl Scout troop walked through the doors of that first radio station. Today, my show isn’t on a five-thousand-watt daytime AM station, but the thrill of the microphone hasn’t disappeared. Radio is still my first love.

– Sports: Watching my son, Isaiah, play soccer
– Food: YES!!
– Color: Yellow!
– Season: Summer in Seattle, Autumn in New England
– Activity: Painting (art, not walls — although I do murals!)
– Passions: Gardening, camping

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Ron Antill

What Year and City did you get your start in Radio?
- 1975 in Pittsburgh

What are three hobbies you have?
1. Touring in my Classic 63 Chevy convertible
2. Tinkering with Vintage Radios
3. Studying the American Civil War

What town do you live in?
- Penn Hills, PA

How would your family and friends describe your personality?
- A dedicated and giving person

Who is your favorite Pittsburgh food?
- Primanti Bros “Pittsburgher” sandwich

One more thing about me?
- I could live on nothing but Italian food!

Ron is a native of Pittsburgh and enjoys the wealth of entertainment options available to us here. He also loves spending time at his second home in northern Venango County that he shares with his twin brother Don. Nothing beats the peace and quiet found in “The Woods”. Ron is passionate about good food and seeks out restaurants he and daughter Tara and her husband Jason can experience together. His musical interests are quite varied and extend from Taylor Swift to the Doors to Tony Bennett.

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